Holiday Fashion 2012

As we approach the holidays this 2012 year, some of us mayfind ourselves baffled on what to wear! There are so many trends, which areconstantly changing – we can’t keep up sometimes! However, don’t let thatconcept intimidate you. Pick a trend and rock it! We thought we’d share some tips we recommend fordressing this festive season!

DRESS TO IMPRESS. How often can us gals get dolled up? MakeChristmas or New Year’s an excuse!  Buythat dress or outfit that might be a little out there and become a “belle ofthe ball”! 

DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. Just because you see pictures or clotheson mannequins, doesn’t necessarily mean it will transcend well on our bodytypes. We recommend trying it on first! Online shopping can be sketchysometimes, so go into stores to try it on!

GIVE IT A CHANCE. Some clothing pieces might look weird onthe hanger, but we recommend to give it a try. Everyone has different body types and the key is toknowing what styles look good on you. It's all about trial and error!

HOLIDAY COUPONS. Make sure to look out for coupons or couponcodes to buying holiday outfits. There are so many sales out there and somestores are blowing out buy one get one free. For instance, Foreign Exchange ishaving BOGO sales in store right now! 

SPARKLE, METALLICS,  AND SHIMMER. We absolutely love to wear sequins this time of the year. However, one obsessionwe love are metallic pieces! Whether it’s metallic sweaters or shoes, we can’tget enough!  

We hope you gals find the right outfit for Christmas and New Year’s! Happy Holidays! Here are some looks we created from our closet!

Necklace: ASOS
Peplum Blouse: Forever 21
Pants:  H&M

Bird blouse: Forever 21
Tank: JC Penny
Pants: Forever 21

Skirt:  Forever 21

Sweater: Cotton On
Skirt: Pinks Clothing Boutique

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