We Give Our Thanks!

First off, we have to say that we are very thankful for all you lovely gals and all your support!!

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year where family and friends get together and chow down on yummy food! However, sometimes we rush through life forgetting about the people or things in life that matter most. We often lose sight of who we are or the miracles happening right before our eyes. Take a look, the beauty is all around you! Let's break free from our busy schedules in honor of those blessings. Let's be sure to express our appreciation for all the amazing and beautiful people who have touched our lives. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving day. May all your festivities be filled with love, happiness, and incredible cuisines!!

The Lacquer Factor Is Hosting A Giveaway!!

The Lacquer Factor Giveaway!!

Calling all fashionistas! One of our fabulous followers is hosting a giveaway. Not only will there be two winners, but they will receive an amazing bundle of beauty products to keep you looking your best from head to toe. Get more details and enter to win!

Best of luck to you all!

Tips For Surviving Black Friday 2011

It’s that time of the year again with the biggest sale events ever! This 2011, more people are expected to shop so we thought it would be helpful to give you gals some tips on how to survive Black Friday.

      • HAVE A FOCUS.  Black Friday is probably notthe time to just peruse the stores unsure of what to buy. Don't impulse shop either! Instead, make a list of all the things you plan to get and make sure it’s realistic. Remember, it's only a dealif the discount's good and it fits your budget!
        • DO RESEARCH. One of the main things people misconstrue is that you have to stand in a 6-8 hour line to get the best door buster deal. However, remember that we live in a virtual world. LOOK ONLINE FIRST! Most websites are starting their sales early and you can start shopping now. For those of you with smartphones, download those helpful apps to find the best bargains for you within seconds. We found some accommodating websites and apps, which are listed below 
          • MAKE A BUDGET. Sure it's one HUGE sale, but you don't want to overspend so make a budget. Once you've developed a list, calculate the approximate total cost of the items you've listed. Make sure the calculation you've come up with fits within your budget. If it doesn't then it's time to reanalyze. Ask yourself: "Is this a gift?" "If not, do I really need it?" "Is the discount really worth it?" "Can I find it at a lower price?" Be realistic when answering these questions because the last thing we want to do is overspend. Just because you have a credit card doesn't justify your purchases. You will sleep much better knowing you don't owe the bank some big $$.
            • CYBER MONDAY. If you strictly want to online shop and not deal with the hectic atmosphere at stores, then we recommend Cyber Monday. Websites are having great sales the Monday after Black Friday (November 28th). 
              • BRING THEADS WITH YOU. This is to reassure that you get the best price out there.  If the store you wanted to purchase an item at has sold out, you can look into other stores that have it in stock and get them to price match.  
                • SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. Nothing hurts more than getting caught in the excitement of Black Friday and regretting your purchase(s). Saving your receipt ensures that you can return your items without any hassle. If you are purchasing a gift for a loved one, make sure to ask for a gift receipt. 
                  • KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS CLOSE TO YOU. We suggest bringing small purses with zippers to ensure any cash or credit cards don't fall out throughout the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. Fanny packs or short strap purses work best. Before you leave the register after a purchase make sure you put your stuff back in your purse and zip it shut. Yea, it will take an extra few seconds or maybe irritate the people behind you, but it's better than losing anything important.
                    • PLANNING TO CAMP OUT? If you do decide that you need to camp out, then make sure to dress warmly for the long night, sleep plenty before, have good company, andbring lots of water and snacks!  

                            Websites we found: 
                            Smart phone apps:   
                              • Black Friday Fat Wallet- You can sort deals by category and create shopping lists.
                              • Black Friday byBradsDeals- This app is powered by and you can view pre-realeaseBlack Friday Ads for major stores.
                              • TGI Black Friday- This app offers frequent updates on Black Friday Ads and has push notifications to alert you of awesome deals.
                              • This app has advanced filtering and search options which allows you to find the most specific items. 
                              • Black Friday App This app allows you to directly go to retailers websites to buy online items.
                              • Black Friday Ads by dealtaker-This app allows you to virtually show retailers your coupon through the phone.
                              • ShopSavvy- Let's you scan items and tells you what other stores offer it and which has the lowest price. 
                              • Let's you select by store, categories, and has news feed of all the newest black friday ads posted. Another cool feature is it allows you to create a shopping list with the posted products. 

                              And lastly, a few of our favorite sites are having great sales online!

                                  We hope youall find the best deals possible and are satisfied with your purchases!  Goodluck to you all and be safe!!

                                  FALLing Into Place

                                  It’s no secret that this wintry weather is around the corner and we’redying to wear our warm, cozy essentials; coats, scarves, and boots! Designersconjure up aspirational pieces using a variety of lengths that many of us look forward to purchasing this time of the year! We wanted to show all you fashionistas that youtoo can flaunt your figures while wearing several layers and accessories over any basic outfit. It gives us gals a reason to wear a different array ofstyles! We have showcased our favorite coats, scarves, and boots!

                                  Beanie: H&M
                                  Circle Scarf: Heavenly Couture 
                                  Top: Runway 6
                                  Fashion Ring: Forever 21
                                  Coat: Forever 21
                                  Skirt: Forever 21
                                  Tights: Target
                                  Boots: Urban Outfitters

                                  Top: Pacsun
                                  Coat: Walmart
                                  Pants: H&M
                                  Boots: Macy's
                                  Beanie: JC Penny
                                  Scarf: JC Penny
                                  Coat: Stein Mart
                                  Boots: DSW
                                  Beanie: Forever 21
                                  Scarf: American Eagle
                                  Coat: Forever 21  
                                  Boots:Vision shoes
                                  Beanie:Urban Outfitters
                                  Coat: American Eagle
                                  Boots: Q store
                                  Beanie: Target
                                  Scarf: Handmade
                                  Coat: Volcom
                                  Boots: DSW
                                  Beret: H&M
                                  Circle Scarf: Target
                                  Coat: H&M
                                  Boots: Forever 21
                                  Knit Headband: Pinks
                                  Scarf: JC Penny
                                  Coat: Sears
                                  Boots: Target

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