FALLing Into Place

It’s no secret that this wintry weather is around the corner and we’redying to wear our warm, cozy essentials; coats, scarves, and boots! Designersconjure up aspirational pieces using a variety of lengths that many of us look forward to purchasing this time of the year! We wanted to show all you fashionistas that youtoo can flaunt your figures while wearing several layers and accessories over any basic outfit. It gives us gals a reason to wear a different array ofstyles! We have showcased our favorite coats, scarves, and boots!

Beanie: H&M
Circle Scarf: Heavenly Couture 
Top: Runway 6
Fashion Ring: Forever 21
Coat: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Boots: Urban Outfitters

Top: Pacsun
Coat: Walmart
Pants: H&M
Boots: Macy's
Beanie: JC Penny
Scarf: JC Penny
Coat: Stein Mart
Boots: DSW
Beanie: Forever 21
Scarf: American Eagle
Coat: Forever 21  
Boots:Vision shoes
Beanie:Urban Outfitters
Coat: American Eagle
Boots: Q store
Beanie: Target
Scarf: Handmade
Coat: Volcom
Boots: DSW
Beret: H&M
Circle Scarf: Target
Coat: H&M
Boots: Forever 21
Knit Headband: Pinks
Scarf: JC Penny
Coat: Sears
Boots: Target


  1. I love your Forever 21 skirt and that grey H&M coat, very androgynous cool! Also, your fish-tail plait looks so chic! xx

  2. Thank you both, we appreciate all the wonderful compliments!

  3. love the colors!!!!!!!!!! you gals look cute and cozy =]

  4. lovely post! (:

  5. We thank you both for the amazing compliments!

  6. The outline of your photos is SOOO incredibly cuteee, love the little hangers! :D
    On to the outfits, I really love your styles girls and I'm so glad I found your blog. Definitely following you, I'm excited for your future posts.

    My favorite outfits are #1 #4 #6 #7 and #8.
    The my favorite pieces are the tan boots, the red coats and the fun winter hats!!! So adorable.


  7. Thank you so much Aline! We are following your blog as well! You have great style as well. We can't wait to read more!!

    Steph and Amber


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