June 23, 2012 marked our first time attending IMATS and it was a complete success! It was pure heaven being surrounded by so many amazing cosmetic products, but can become overwhelming. Months before the event we scanned through list of vendors to select a few we would visit. In addition, we researched the products of those brands and made a list of things we wanted to make sure that the total would fit our set budget. Most cosmetics are discounted at IMATS, but they vary from company to company. Aside from having a blast at this full day event, we ended the evening at the Beautylish Cupcake event! We successfully purchased some of our favorite products and remained within our budget. Check out the products we purchased below!

Note: IMATS will be in January next year, not June. 

Z.palette: The Z palette is an empty customizable makeup palette. Many companies now offer their products in a pan form allowing you to create your own and save a little more money, due to the lack of packaging.

Two Faced

   -  Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Eyeshadow Collection: This limited edition set includes beachy neutrals for that tropical beauty from morning until dawn. In addition, these collections include How-to cards with instructions for creating beautiful Day, Classic, and Fashion looks that anyone can do.

 -  Smokey Eye Pallet: Smokey eyes are always in demand and this palette includes the perfect shadows for that sultry look. It includes various neutrals, greys, and blues for three unique looks. In addition, this collection also includes How-to cards with instructions for creating sexy Day, Classic, and Fashion smokey eye looks for any occasion.

- La Creme In Juicy Melons: La Creme lipsticks aren't your ordinary lipstick. This beautiful collection is made with hydrating moisturizers including white lotus flower and power peptides to create soft, luscious lips.


   -   Camera Ready BB Cream With SPF 35: The Camera Ready BB Cream is a lightweight tinted moisturizer for a flawless look without the cakey feel. In addition, it's made to hydrate your skin and protect it from UVA/UVB rays.


Lip Tar In Trollop (Top) & Hush (Bottom): Lip Tars are an innovative lip color that provides the consistency of a lip gloss but the long lasting color of a lipstick. These lip colors have immaculate pigmentation for vibrant lips and have a formula containing Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E. Colors can be worn alone or even mixed together.


   -  Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner In Stingray: This waterproof eye liner is comparable to smudge pots. This product is a vibrant liner that's long lasting.

    - Eye Shadow In Kitten: This shade is Stila's award winning and best selling eye shadow.

Miss Adoro Eyelashes: Carried a variety of both Fantasy (Top) and Classic (Bottom) Eyelashes to choose from.

Crown Brushes:

Shany Cosmetics

     - SHANY 12pc Pro Mineral Brush Set: As Shany's newest brush lines, this vegan mineral brushes set is not only made with cute pink handles but it's made with premium synthetic hair. The set includes a large powder brush, medium powder brush, angle powder brush, foundation brush, shadow brush, flat shadow brush, small shadow brush , eyeliner brush, lip brush, mascara/brow brush, and dual eyebrow brush/lash comb.

Freebies: Shany Cosmetics loaded us up with various eyeshadow pans, nail supplies, and lip glosses. In addition, we received a free two week sample of Urban Decay's new Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. You can preview this product at select Macy's stores. 


  1. Wow, that's quite the haul! Looks like you had a blast playing around with all that makeup :)

    1. haha, we definitely are having a blast testing them all out! Absolutely LOVE the Smashbox BB cream for everyday use. It's amazing! There was soo much to see there and a lot of fun products!


      Amber & Steph


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