Max Lengths

  • Maxis and sweaters: Gals have been rocking the maxi dress and skirts this past summer but the trend is a steal for fall as well. As the weather starts to cool down, layer an oversized sweater or cardigan to compliment the long length of a maxi. This look is a comfy, yet stylish. 

    Here are a few looks we created from our closet:  

  • Mid-length skirts: We’ve all rocked the miniskirts at one point and we’re changing it up this season with knee-length hemlines!  Dress down those formal mid-length skirts with t-shirt and simple pumps or flats. 

         Here are a few looks we created from our closet: 

Where we got it:
  1. Model: Steph
- Sweater: H&M
- Maxi: H&M
- Heels: Bakers
  1. Model: Amber
- Cardigan: Target
- Maxi:Forever 21
- Heels: Vision Shoes
  1. Model: Steph
- Blouse: Runway 6
- Skirt: H&M
- Flats: H&M
  1. Model: Amber
- Blouse: Forever 21
- Skirt: Charlotte Russe
- Belt: JC Penny
- Flats:Payless

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