Hippie Chic

Let’s face it, hippies have this unconventional appearance, but the amazing thing about them is that they’re naturally beautiful!! This look is easy whether you want to change up your style or attend an event. You can achieve this look with: 

  • Free fitting blouses or t-shirts. Cropped tops and tunics varying from any print to neutrals, all the way to bright colors. Fringed tops are also hot right now.
  • Denim shorts. Distressed and cuffed shorts or even leggings can play up your look for a hippie style.  If you’re daring bell bottom jeans will satisfy the look perfectly.
  • Tousled hair and hippie headbands. This headband is essential and distinguishes your style from others. For the complete look, wrap it around your forehead over tousled hair. Use a scarf instead if you don’t have a headband.
  • Feathers are in this 2011 season! Feather extensions are another essential accessory this summer creating a unique and fun look. They range from semi-permanent feathers to others you can remove any time. If you have any of these, put it in your hair! It creates a unique and fun look.

  • Comfy Shoes. Sandals or wedges will go perfectly with this look.

  • You can DRESS it up. And when I say dress it up, I mean casually! If you don’t have any shorts or tshirts, wear a flowy or ethnic type dress. Floral dresses are chic too, so don’t be afraid to wear them!
  • Makeup. Use earth tones for your eyes and while giving your blush a break, you can replace it with a bronzer to create a more natural, soft look To make your lips pop, I recommend an orangey red lipstick for this summer! In our examples below, we are wearing Lady Danger from MAC but if you want a more subtle, natural look you can use Glamour Gloss Peek-a-boo by Too Faced.

Here are a few looks we created from our closet:

Where we got it:
  1. Model: Steph
·         Headband: Forever 21
·         Feather extension: Handmade
  1. Model: Amber
·         Headband: Forever 21
·         Feather extension: Handmade
  1. Model: Amber
·         Blouse: Forever 21
·         Tank: Old Navy
·         Shorts: Pacsun

  1. Model: Steph
·         Blouse: Urban Outfitters
·         Shorts: Urban Outfitters
  1. Model: Steph
·         Scarf Headband: Forever 21
  1. Model: Stephanie
·         Top: Kaitlyn
  1. Makeup
·         Blush (Left): Poolside Primping by Too-faced
·         Eyeshadow (Middle): Emerald Isle by Maybelline
·         Face Color (Right): Pure Radiance by bareMinerals
  1. Accessory
·         Peace Necklace: Pacsun


  1. Very informative and I love that you add modern touches to the traditional hippie look. Love it ladies, can't wait til the next posting!!!

  2. Hello Alexandra, sorry for the late reply but thank you for the wonderful compliment and we're excited to have you following our blog!


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